OLEFA 18.8: Talk to your users

  1. Users contact form:
    • Non-admins can now also send e-mails to website users, but only to members of the groups they manage.
    • When the sender has an e-mail address that matches the domain of the website, the address is directly used as from-address, and not just as reply-to.
  2. Newsletters:
    • Possibility to abort a newsletter that is still queued for sending or partially sent.
  3. Embedded videos:
    • It is now possible to watch protected videos in Safari without needing to reenter the login and password a second time.
    • Protected videos now also start to play before the complete download has finished.
    • It is now possible to embed videos from external websites with the OLEFA video command.
  4. OLEFA base:
    • The self-service mode for libraries has been completely rewritten.
  5. User management:
    • Printed user barcodes now use the normal User ID and are no longer converted into ISBN like barcodes.
  6. General website settings:
    • It is now possible to define a custom e-mail address that is to be used for all outgoing system mails, e.g. info@yourwebsite.com instead of olefa@yourwebsite.com.
  7. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


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