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OLEFA 19.10: Something, something new …

  1. Users:
    • Fixed error when switching groups
    • Added timestamp of last group change to admin interface
  2. Storyboard:
    • Improved checks when uploading media
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.9: Further Storyboard improvements

  1. Storyboard:

    • Improved overall loading time of slider, which made problems on hugs projects

  2. CMS:

    • Propperly implemented HTML/Plain email syntax for all system emails

  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


Maintenance Aarbechten

Wéinst geplangte Maintenance-Aarbechten am Rechenzentrum, wäerte vun eis gehoste Websäiten haut den Owend um 21 Auer wärend viraussiichtlech enger Stonn net erreechbar sinn.

Merci fir Äert Verständnis


OLEFA: 19.8: Storyboard facelift and new features

  1. Storyboard:
    • Completely new and responsive interface
    • New on-screen items: links, images, videos
    • New layout options for all objects: colors, opacity, fonts, labels
    • Speech bubbles can point to a specific spot on the screen
    • Possibility to pause the slideshow
    • Multiple users can now work simultaneously on the same screen
  2. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

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