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Our announcements:

OLEFA: 19.8: Storyboard facelift and new features

  1. Storyboard:
    • Completely new and responsive interface
    • New on-screen items: links, images, videos
    • New layout options for all objects: colors, opacity, fonts, labels
    • Speech bubbles can point to a specific spot on the screen
    • Possibility to pause the slideshow
    • Multiple users can now work simultaneously on the same screen
  2. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.5: Yet another library gateway

  1. OLEFABase:
    • The gateway now also uses the collective OLEFA catalog biblio.lu to fetch article information
    • The groupmasters overview of the borrowed library items now sorts the articles by database and person.
    • Information about required fields is now also copied from database templates.
  2. CMS:
    • It is now possible to disable the notifications for the whole website or for a certain user level.
    • In the account settings, some tabs and options like userlist, notifications and 3rd party services are no longer offered if the respective feature is disabled.
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.4: New user management features

  1. User manager / OLEFA base:
    • It is now possible to link the user accounts directly to a contact database, where each record is associated to a user.
    • Records from this database can directly be created from within the user manager.
    • When a user is deleted, the record in the associated contact database is automatically deleted as well.
  2. Tiparlo
    • New mouse and cat heads.
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.3: Enhanced librarys gateways

  1. OLEFABase - Library:
    • Added Open Library and Google Books gateways.
    • Fixed encoding issues in MARC/Z3950 gateways.
    • Rewrote Gateways popup:
      • Popup is now responsive, to better display content on smaller displays.
      • If more then one gateway offers a cover image it is possible to choose which one is used.
      • If first gateway does not return content for a given field, but an other one does, the first to return something is automatically selected.
  2. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

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