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Our announcements:

OLEFA 21.8. Hotfix

  • Improved visual consistency.
  • Security improvements.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 21.7: New colors for calendar

  1. Calendar:
    • Rewrote main calendar views.
  2. Tiparlo:
    • Fixed some minor bugs
  3. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 21.6: Tiparlo facelift and new features

  1. Collaboration bar:

    • Improved interaction on small screens and visual adaptations.

  2. Calendar:

    • Visual update for popups.

  3. Collaborative tools - project creation:

    • Fixed several bugs related to encodings.

    • Improved error handling.

  4. Tiparlo:

    • Completly new interface.

    • Added possibility to mix head types in a project.

    • Added possibility to pause, replay, forward.

    • Fixed usage of pixabay images for heads.

  5. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 21.3

  1. CMS:
    • Links to documents are now systematically opened in new tabs.
  2. Wiki:
    • Errors that occur during file upload are now more specific.
  3. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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