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Educdesign SA releases OLEFA 6.7

The OLEFA administration tools offer a new interface as well as a set of new wizards that will help to create and manage content and data even faster. OLEFA 6.7 already includes a new installer and site setup wizard, a website template creation wizard as well as a page creation and layout wizard. The OLEFA site navigator tool is available in all OLEFA modules as soon as you're logged in. The site navigatior is a hierarchical menu which allows to quickly access the most important site features. The new AFELO image processing client allows to organize, resize and compress images and to store them locally or to send them instantly to your website. AFELO is compatible with all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux/UNIX) and is now available for beta testers. Both OLEFAdesk and OLEFA EiS offer an improved interface and a fileserver browser for intranet solutions. Both environments now also offer customized pages. OLEFA EiS now allows to build a customized web search engine. 5. The improved OLEFA 6 render engine generated more compact and more compliant code. The render engine will offer further enhancements with upcoming releases. OLEFA 6 introduces OLEFAscript/NG (next generation) which will allow even more flexible development in future. Much of the OLEFA code base has been remodeled for OLEFA 6, which introduces new coding and interface guidelines. A new developer site is currently under construction (developer.olefa.org). Further OLEFA 6 features will be available with the next few releases.

Educdesign SA releases AFELO

EDUCDESIGN, Bettembourg, Luxembourg – August 28th, 2006.

EducDesign s.a. today released AFELO, a new image manipulation application that allows to select, resize, compress, save and upload images and photos. The most important aspect of the new software is the ease of use, AFELO has been designed to allow even computer newbies to make their photos accessible online. A user can store images and photos compressed by AFELO on his local harddisk, send them to a remote server (via FTP) or store them directly on an OLEFA powered server. OLEFA is EducDesign ’s flagship software product, an integrated web-based Information Management System (www.olefa.com).

“AFELO is the perfect tool for customers running our new OLEFA 6 release, as it automatically detects OLEFA 6 servers and is fully integrated with the OLEFA 6 Resources Manager” – said Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Jos Kirps – “but it’s also a cool tool for everyone else owning a website and looking for a quick and easy way to upload pictures.”

Users can select their interface language – english, german, french and luxembourgish are already available, more languages shall follow within the following months. AFELO is freeware, it can be downloaded for free from www.afelo.com. Using JAVA™ technology from SUN Microsystems, AFELO is available for Microsoft Windows™, Apple MacOS™ and Linux™ / UNIX™ platforms, covering about 99% of todays client computer market.

EducDesign SA releases OLEFA 6.8

EDUCDESIGN, Bettembourg, Luxembourg - 8, 2006 - EducDesign SA today released their latest version of the OLEFA software (version 6.8 | build 6H3109). OLEFA 6.8 is a maintenance and bugfix release which doesn't offer any new major features. The new release will be installed on all customer servers within the next few days.

EducDesign SA releases OLEFA 6.9

EDUCDESIGN, Bettembourg, Luxembourg - 9, 2006 - EducDesign SA today released their latest version of the OLEFA software (version 6.9 | build 6H3109). OLEFA Wiki, Webbook, Storyboad and the resources manager offer an advanced image editing and painting tool. OLEFA Wiki offers a new inplace editing mode, for improved usability and performance. Most other modules have been updated at the same time and offer new features to administrators and users, bugfixes, improvements and code enhancements. The new release will be installed on all customer servers within the next few days.

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