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OLEFA 18.8: Talk to your users

  1. Users contact form:
    • Non-admins can now also send e-mails to website users, but only to members of the groups they manage.
    • When the sender has an e-mail address that matches the domain of the website, the address is directly used as from-address, and not just as reply-to.
  2. Newsletters:
    • Possibility to abort a newsletter that is still queued for sending or partially sent.
  3. Embedded videos:
    • It is now possible to watch protected videos in Safari without needing to reenter the login and password a second time.
    • Protected videos now also start to play before the complete download has finished.
    • It is now possible to embed videos from external websites with the OLEFA video command.
  4. OLEFA base:
    • The self-service mode for libraries has been completely rewritten.
  5. User management:
    • Printed user barcodes now use the normal User ID and are no longer converted into ISBN like barcodes.
  6. General website settings:
    • It is now possible to define a custom e-mail address that is to be used for all outgoing system mails, e.g. info@yourwebsite.com instead of olefa@yourwebsite.com.
  7. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 18.6: Fit for future

  1. CMS:
    • The you are here path now indicates the name and ID of the current wiki project again.
    • When using the contact users functions, all relative links and sources are automatically converted in absolute links, so that they work from within the mail.
  2. OLEFABase:
    • The default type is now also respected inside custom add forms.
    • When copying or moving a record to another database, the image gallery is also handled accordingly.
  3. Timeline:
    • Fixes a problem where embedded Youtube videos were no longer displayed correctly.
    • Fixes a problem where year-based timelines still asked for a precise date.
  4. Pinboard:
    • The abuse-report now also contains the e-mail address of the person that reported the problem.
    • When editing an existing entry and uploading new files, the interface no longer freezes.
  5. Various bugfixes and performance improvements, including adjustments for new server OS.


OLEFA 18.4: Sharing is caring (… now with images)

  1. Tools:
    • When sharing a project on social media, the title as well as the main-image are now included in the preview
  2. CMS:
    • The social media share function now uses the newest APIs.
    • The login commands allows to lead the user to a specific page or module after a successful login.
    • It is now possible to permanently link a module template to a specific page template, instead of just duplicating it once.
  3. OLEFABase:
    • Baseseach now has the possibility to automatically generate placeholders and labels.
  4. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


Server Maintenance

Wéinst geplangte Maintenance-Aarbechten op de Serveren, wäerten vun eis gehost Websäiten an der Nuecht vun e Mëttwoch, dem 10. Januar ab 20 Auer op en Donneschdeg, den 11. Januar net erreechbar sinn.

Während dëser Phase kënnen och keng Mails fortgeschéckt oder empfaangen ginn. Bei Mails, déi an der Nuecht un Är Adresse geschéckt goufen, sollt de Server vum Absender normalerweis mierken, dass se nach net zougestallt konnte ginn, an et automatesch méi spéit nach eemol maachen. Dëst kann awer zu Verzögerunge bei der Zoustellung féieren.

Merci fir Äert Verständnis,

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