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  1. General:
    • Uses a newer, enhanced version of the WYSIWYG editor.
  2. OLEFA Base:
    • Offers a possibility to enforce a specific filename for document or pdf downloads.
    • Offers a possibility to explicitly display a field in a specific language instead of the current website language.
  3. Tiparlo and Storyboard app:
    • The maximal number of allowed sessions is now granted for both the Storyboard and Tiparlo apps individually instead of cumulating them.
  4. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.11: Storyboard app for iOS And Android

  1. Storyboard:
    • Interface and performance improvements
    • On iOS and Android, you can now download a Storyboard App that allows you to create and edit Storyboard projects conveniently. It also allows to record and upload voice on iOS.App Store iOS DownloadPlay Store Android Download
  2. Updated some third party plugins
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.10: Something, something new …

  1. Users:
    • Fixed error when switching groups
    • Added timestamp of last group change to admin interface
  2. Storyboard:
    • Improved checks when uploading media
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 19.9: Further Storyboard improvements

  1. Storyboard:

    • Improved overall loading time of slider, which made problems on hugs projects

  2. CMS:

    • Propperly implemented HTML/Plain email syntax for all system emails

  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

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