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OLEFA 20.5: Image orientation

  1. Collaboration tools:
    • New options allow to filter projects by your specific groups.
  2. Wiki:
    • When creating a new project, the project layout already contains a left bar with navigation.
    • When you have edit rights, the left or right navigation immediately offer a button that leads to the pages management.
    • A path with the project and page you're on is always displayed on wiki pages.
  3. Storyboard:
    • Fixed a bug where the slideshow would sometimes not play all mediafiles, or not jump to the next screen.
    • Fixed a bug where sound quality would sometimes deteriorate when recording many/long clips.
    • Fixed a bug where replacing an audio recording would block the interface.
  4. OLEFA Base:
    • A merged view of multiple databases now also supports advanced searches.
  5. Calendar:
    • Better print support.
  6. General functions:
    • Better handling of errors that occur in the video converter. More information
    • Some browsers changed how they handle the orientation of uploaded images, which is now considered by OLEFA.
  7. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 20.4: Fixes in conversation

  1. Conversation:
    • Fixed audio recorder.
    • Fixed a bug where files would be send to wrong chat under certain circumstances.
  2. Multiple bugfixes.


OLEFA: 20.3: Time for changes

  1. Calendar:
    • Changed all popups to a newer model.
    • Rewrote mini-calendar to use global function, thus fixing some inconsistencies.
    • Added a new mode to mini-calendar, allowing to show events and not only days with events.
    • Added/fixed frontend and backend checks to prevent date/time inconsistencies.
    • Added autocomplete functionality to location field.
  2. Groupmanager/ Storyboard-App:
    • Added QR-Code generation to identity app users without the need to fill in username and password.
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 20.2: –

  1. All tools:
    • Fixed Pixabay on some rarely used image uploads

  2. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

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