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Our announcements:

OLEFA 21.3

  1. CMS:
    • Links to documents are now systematically opened in new tabs.
  2. Wiki:
    • Errors that occur during file upload are now more specific.
  3. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 21.1

  1. CMS:
    • The WYSIWYG editor offers a new table option for responsive tables.
    • Fixes a bug where images wouldn't always be rotated correctly when uploaded via iOS.
    • Fixes a bug where the iOS upload dialog wouldn't always allow you to choose the correct file types.
  2. Cookies:
    • A new popup can be activated to inform visitors about cookies used on the website.
    • Third party services which use cookies are disabled by default.
    • Visitors can choose which services to enable, and thereby allow cookies for that service provider.
  3. Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 20.11

  1. Users/groups:
    • Fixed recursiv user limit in groups.
    • Fixed activation/exipration of users in some list contexts.
    • Improved App-login QR-Code generation in some places
  2. Mulitple bug fixes and performance improvements.


Dimmi: 2.3

Pünktlech zur Rentrée ass déi nei Dimmi Versioun do.

Haapt-Feature vun dësem Update ass d'Méiglechkeet privat Messagen tëscht den Enseignanten vun enger Klass an den Eltere vun engem eenzele Kand ze verschécken.

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