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Our announcements:

OLEFA: 20.3: Time for changes

  1. Calendar:
    • Changed all popups to a newer model.
    • Rewrote mini-calendar to use global function, thus fixing some inconsistencies.
    • Added a new mode to mini-calendar, allowing to show events and not only days with events.
    • Added/fixed frontend and backend checks to prevent date/time inconsistencies.
    • Added autocomplete functionality to location field.
  2. Groupmanager/ Storyboard-App:
    • Added QR-Code generation to identity app users without the need to fill in username and password.
  3. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 20.2:

  1. All tools:
    • Fixed Pixabay on some rarely used image uploads

  2. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.


OLEFA 20.1: Enhanced library gateways (yet again)

  1. All tools:
    • The upload interface offers a new feature to immediately search and import free images from Pixabay.
  2. OLEFA Base:
    • Improvements to exporting and fetching information from the joined biblio.lu catalog.
    • The library gateway now only makes an automatic Amazon request when the other gateways haven not found basic information: title, author and cover image. The amazon request can however be triggered manually.
    • It is now possible to include QR codes on printable stickers.
  3. Administration interface:
    • Enhanced navigation on smartphones.
    • Now uses a darker color scheme if the operating system / browser is set to dark mode.
  4. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.



  1. General:
    • Uses a newer, enhanced version of the WYSIWYG editor.
  2. OLEFA Base:
    • Offers a possibility to enforce a specific filename for document or pdf downloads.
    • Offers a possibility to explicitly display a field in a specific language instead of the current website language.
  3. Tiparlo and Storyboard app:
    • The maximal number of allowed sessions is now granted for both the Storyboard and Tiparlo apps individually instead of cumulating them.
  4. Various bugfixes and performance improvements.

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